Frisco Plumbers Home Sink Guide

Sinks are an important part of your Frisco plumbing system. They funnel the water dispensed from interior faucets into drains. The hard-cold truth about sinks is that price has little to do with how well they perform. A sink, whether in the kitchen or bath, can be a significant cost segment of any Frisco plumbing project. To understand the complexity of a new sink, we need to look at the options that make up different sinks and also the various styles that are available.

Sink Composition


To start, you need to consider the configuration of your new sink. Whether bath or kitchen, how many holes do you want for the faucet? After that, what kind of material do you want your sink to have? For example, the most common kitchen sink is stainless steel. This sink has the greatest durability. Another relatively durable option is enamel over cast iron or steel. They come in many different colors but can crack or chip. Finally, in the kitchen, you will find solid surface materials. They are often made of the same material as the counter. While providing a great appearance, there have been some issues with deterioration over time.


In the bathroom, you can find even more choices for sink materials. In addition to enamel and stainless steel you will find the most popular: porcelain. Porcelain, aka vitreous china, is extremely durable but often doesn’t have great decorating flare. One of newest sink materials in the bath is glass. While extremely stain resistant, glass can break if a heavy object hits it. One of the least popular materials is acrylic. It scratches easily and if in a kitchen, a hot pot or pan can cause the material to melt.

Sink Types

There are various types to consider when updating your Frisco plumbing with a sink:

top mount sinkTop Mount - can be found in both kitchens and baths. Sometimes these are called self-rimming or drop-in. Because of its simple installation, the top mount is the most popular.

under mount sinkUnder Mount - also can be found in both areas. This sink is lifted up into the opening. The faucet in an under mount sink is always attached to the counter and not the sink.

double bowl sinkDouble Bowl - is normal in the kitchen. It provides two work areas and the second bowl can be various sizes. The double bowl sink has great flexibility.

trough sinkTrough - sinks are shallow and elongated. Their functionality is limited to prep work and bars.

farmhouse sinkFarmhouse - sinks have deep single bowls with an apron front. In cost range, the farmhouse sink will be at the high end.

vessel sinkVessel - sinks normally rest on top of the counter. They are very popular in glass. This sink does provide faucet challenges because of the height.

pedestal sinkPedestal - sinks are free standing units often found in very small bathrooms or powder rooms. The pedestal sink is great in areas with limited foot room.

Finally, when changing out a sink, this is a great time to upgrade the faucet. A new sink deserves a new faucet. For all of your Frisco plumbing needs, give us a call today at (972)332-3926.