Frisco Expansion Tank Service

Many municipal water systems are designed to bring high water pressure to your home. This is to ensure sufficient water pressure for all areas of the community and future growth. The problem is that high water pressure in your home plumbing system can be dangerous. Any water using fixture can be damaged by continued high pressure however the most susceptible is your water heater. Most cities leave this problem to the homeowner to fix with two common remedies. One is the pressure reducing valve and the other is the thermal expansion tank.

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The thermal expansion tank is a very simple device that has been designed to create stable water pressures in your closed loop water heating system. As water heats, it expands. This expansion is consumed by the air-filled bladder in the expansion tank. Expansion tanks are sized to the water heater size.

Expansion tanks do not last forever. Over time, the bladder can break causing the tank to lose pressure. If you notice unusually high water pressure or new banging sounds when you turn off the hot water, it may be time to investigate the expansion tank. A quick simple test is to tap on the tank. If you hear a dull “thud” half way up the tank then it’s probably OK. If it sounds the same over the entire tank, then it is probably full of water and has failed. To be sure, a professional plumber should be consulted for a thorough diagnosis and repair.